Hawk for server owners — Beautiful reports for your games

Hawk is a game report system, typically for competitive Minecraft game, but it is very flexible and adapts to a wide range of uses. Run a command on your server; then, like a hawk, it'll track everything players do and generate on-demand a beautiful web report. Give the link to the players, so they can see how they performed and share their game with their friends!

As a server owner, the process to create a report is quite simple.

  1. At the beginning of the event (or anything), run /hawk start. There is a few options available, we'll see that below.
  2. Run your event as usual—you can forget Hawk even exist at this point. It records everything in the background.
  3. At the end of your event, run /hawk stop. After a few seconds, you'll be given a link with the whole game report. Tada! ✨

When Hawk is not recording, it is completely idle, so it won't alter your server performances in any way. And even while recording, Hawk was optimized to use as less CPU as possible.

The plugin version has fewer features than the version available to developers. We may make more features available via commands in the future (e.g. custom events; see planned features). Feel free to let us know if you are interested in such additions.


Hawk is a Bukkit plugin. Download it from SpigotMC or GitHub and install it to your server's plugins folder, as usual. Then reboot your server to load the plugin.

There is no configuration file. Everything is done through commands.


Start a report🔗

To start a report, use /hawk start. This will start all events recording in the background.

Giving a name to your report🔗

If you want to name your record, add its name after the command.

/hawk start &6&lYour Awesome but Peculiar Event

The title can be formatted using Minecraft formatting codes with & instead of §. If no title is provided, « Minecraft Report » will be used.


Hawk support teams. Teams from the server scoreboard will automatically be detected and used in your reports.


You can add these options after the command to alter Hawk's behaviour.

As example, to create a report tracking new players but with only one life, called Time fly, run:

/hawk start --track-new-players Time fly

The command will autocomplete these options, so you don't have to memorize them.

While the record is running, you can execute /hawk info to get details on the ongoing report.

Publish the report🔗

To stop the recording and publish the report to the web, run /haw stop. After a few seconds, you'll be given a URL with the report. A file containing all report data will also be saved in the plugins/Hawk/reports folder.

If you only want to save the file but don't want the report to be published on the website, run /hawk stop --no-publish.

What if my server crash?🔗

If for some reason you server crash while Hawk is recording, you won't have the option to use /hawk stop to publish the report. But, have no fear! Hawk create regular backups in the plugins/Hawk/report/backups folder. These files can be sent to Hawk to create a report.

As for now, we don't have an easy way to do that, but we plan to add one in the future. In the meantime, if you know how to do that, you can POST the latest backup to https://hawk.carrade.eu/publish to have it published.

By default, backups are made every minute, if there were changes since the last backup. Backups are not deleted when you call /hawk stop. Backups are made from another thread, so they will not alter your server's performances.

Planned features🔗

These are only ideas that would be valuable in the plugin version of Hawk, and which we might implement in the future. If you need them, feel free to contribute!