We provide free support for our plugins, libraries and tools, in French or English. Please understand that this is not a professional support service: you should not expect instant answers or total dedication to solve your problems.

If we don't answer, please wait. Although we try to provide timely assistance, there is no guarantee. For reference, we're on the French timezone.

Before asking for support, please try to solve the problem by yourself, using the documentations and FAQs we offer. If you don't succeed, feel free to ask us your problem, but ensure you're giving us enough information to understand it. We ask you to provide as many information as possible from the following list, if appliquable:

Also, if you have anything else noticable, please share that too. It's never too much and it help a lot to understand what's happening.

I need help🔗

If you need help, please join our Discord support server and ask there. This is the only place where we provide help support. SpigotMC or Bukkit PMs asking for help will either be ignored or replied with a link to this page—if we see them.

For ImageOnMap🔗

If your problem is ImageOnMap related, you must read the FAQ before asking anything. If you ask a question already in the FAQ, we may only answer with a link. Please save your time and ours, and read the FAQ before any question.

In all cases🔗

If you read everything above, you may join our Discord support server and ask your question. See you there!

Join our Discord support server

I found a bug🔗

We use GitHub Issues for bug tracking. If you found one and want to report it, first of all thank you! You allow us to build better plugins and tools for everyone.

Go to our GitHub organization, and find the repository for the plugin or library you're reporting a bug about. The name should be the same as the one on Spigot or such. The link is also available on the top left of the project's section on this website, under the small GitHub icon .

Then, open the Issues tab and check if someone already reported your problem. If so, feel free to add any existing information you could have to the existing issue. Else, create a new issue.

You'll need a GitHub account - it only takes two minutes to create one, if you don't already have one. If and only if you cannot use GitHub for some reason (like, GitHub is blocked in your country, or you're not allowed to register due to local laws e.g. because you're too young), use the Discord support server above.

How to write a great issue🔗

To solve issues, we must understand them. As stated in this page's introduction, please give us everything you got: screenshots, stack traces, logs, steps to reproduce, it's never too much.

If you open an issue only to say that it won't work on your server, we'll be unable to fix anything.

Go to our GitHub organization